As I’ve grown, I’ve been able to open my eyes, mind, and heart. To see things from different perspectives; 

Ever evolving. Forever questioning. Leaving hypothetical footprints, everywhere we go. Learning that at the core, we are truly just vessels & perhaps the purpose of life is to figure out just that;; 

what type of vessel am I? 

the space that i take up, can it be meaningful? 

can we all learn to accept our failures, just as much as our successes? can we embrace and understand that sometimes our greatest lessons came from pain, trauma, heartbreak, setbacks; because in those environments and chapters our character was built. 

 without a bow and arrow going backwards, it can never be propelled forwards 

“just an insight into my mind

always trying to move forward

but we are human, it’s ok to fall behind

one step in front of the other

one day at a time

everything will come full circle

trust your heart, let your soul be your guide”

– a3